KTPVS-Rollarc R400



Explosion-proof packaged transformer substations KTPVS (explosion protection class Exd[ia]iaI (explosion-proof mining equipment)) rating from 400 to 1250 kVA and 6 kV are shipped with gas-insulated contactor 'Rollarc R400' and microprocessor unit «Sерам Т40».



Electromachine LLC is keeping up with the times by continuously upgrading the equipment it manufactures. Launching the production line for upgraded KTPVS transformer substations has become the top event of 2010.
Major modifications have been made to high-voltage switchgear. The package includes:

  • high-voltage SF6 gas insulated contactor 'Rollarc R400' manufactured by Schneider Electric (France);
  • LCD for substation operations display;
  • MPU 'Sepam T40' manufactured by Schneider Electric (France).

Substation low-voltage switchgear is supplied with current protection sensors MTZ, measurement circuits BZU (leakage current protection unit), measurement circuits BKI (preliminary insulation control unit) and low-voltage switchgear operations display unit. All low-voltage switchgear operations data is transferred from the display unit to the 'Sepam' unit which controls and operates the substation. The 'Sepam' unit also automatically tests overcurrent protection and leakage current protection units.
High-voltage SF6 contactor 'Rollarc R400' provides switchgear overload protection. This contactor uses a puffer technique to interrupt the arc in SF6 gas. Dielectric properties of SF6 gas and "soft" breaking do not generate voltage surges during the breaking of currents.


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