Packaged Transformer Substation KTPN



Capacity, kVA 100, 160, 250, 400, 630, 1000
Rated voltage 6/0,4, 10/0,4
Entry Cable, aerial
Outlet Cable
Ingress protection rating per GOST 14254-80 Ip23
Climatic configuration per GOST 15150-69  U1

Outdoor packaged transformer substation KTPN rating from 100 to 1000 kVA is used to receive, convert and distribute 6/10 kV three-phase, 50 Hz AC. KTPNs are used to provide power to industrial, utility and agricultural facilities. Installation and commissioning of substations do not require much expense with KTPN mounted on a plain concrete platform or strip foundation. Substations with reinforced enclosure designed for mounting on mobile sleds are available.

The power transformer is connected by buses or flexible connectors. High-voltage distributor depends on the type of substation and can be supplied with various types of switchgear. KTPN is provided with street lighting lines automatically activated by integrated relay.


Our company develops and supplies modified KTPN substations different from a standard package; we also manufacture non-standard electrical products and metal-clad enclosures (by customer drawings, diagrams and questionnaires).