General-Purpose High-Voltage Electrical Equipment


Hermetically Sealed Liquid Filled Transformer TMPN(G) for Submersible Pumps

Three-phase oil-cooled transformer TMPN(G) rating from 100 to 400 kVA, primary voltage 0.38 kV converts electric energy and transmits power to submersible electric pumps used in oil production.

Hermetically Sealed Liquid Filled Transformer TM(G)

Three-phase oil-cooled transformer converts electrical energy in the electric system and transmits power to various end users in 25 - 1000 kVA, 50 Hz AC networks.

Packaged Transformer Substation KTPN

Packaged transformer substation is made of metal profiles with a gable roof. KTPN components are: power liquid filled transformer, high-voltage device, low-voltage switchgear.


Belt conveyor automated control station SAU-LK500/0.69 is designed for power supply and continuously variable electronic speed control of electric motors of the trunk conveyor with capacity of 500 kW and for power supply and control of belt auxiliary drives. The station reads and displays electric data of the conveyor main and auxiliary drives.