Remote Control Unit BDU

Remote control unit BDU is an EX-component. Remote control units are only used as part of explosion-proof equipment that has been tested and certified along with the units. These units are mounted inside explosion-proof switchgear designed for mining applications. BDU can be used to remotely control intrinsically safe equipment.

Overcurrent Protection Unit MTZ-5

The unit is used along with current sensors to protect underground electrical isolated neutral networks against short circuit and overload. The units are mounted into mine switchgear. The units have a climatic configuration of UHL5 according to GOST 15150-69. Ingress protection rating is IP-30.

Microprocessor-Based Feeder Protection and Automation Terminal MTZP-1

Microprocessor-based feeder protection and automation terminal MTZP-1 (referred to as "Terminal") can be used as part of switchgear for measuring, protection, monitoring, control of vacuum circuit breaker, alarms and display of feeder status in isolated neutral systems. The Terminal can be used as part of a process control system. 

Insulation Monitoring Unit BKI

Insulation monitoring unit is designed for preliminary control and interlocking if insulation of the outgoing electrical network drops below the accepted parameters.